Sett Toto UpbMart News Do you Know About Step By Step Varify Of Orange County Jail

Do you Know About Step By Step Varify Of Orange County Jail

The Orange County Correctional Facility is the Division of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responsible for housing prisoners for all law enforcement agencies in oc jail.  The facility currently has a capacity for approximately 350 inmates, however the average daily population is just over 200.  The facility staff is currently made up of one captain, one lieutenant, six sergeants, four corporals, and around 47 staff members.

The purpose of the facility is to house pre-trial detainees and those persons convicted of crimes sentenced to county jail or awaiting transfer into the Texas Prison System.  As stated above, the average daily population for the facility is in excess of 200 inmates.  The Corrections Staff is responsible for not only housing the inmates, but to provide those services required by State, Local and Federal guidelines including but not limited to; inmate recreation, inmate work program, visitation, court activities, mail services, meals, and medical care.

The mission of the Orange County Correctional Facility is to provide a safe working and living environment.  The facility holds paramount the protection of the staff, the inmates and the community it serves.  The employees of the Orange County Correctional Facility believe in the practice of team qualities that produce an atmosphere of cooperation and respect between officers and inmates.  Conducting business of the criminal justice system is done with efficiency and professionalism emphasizing work quality over quantity.  Each officer is trained to utilize the advantages of technology, professional instruction, and modern techniques, while meeting the needs of the individual, thus ensuring the facility’s  and employee’s success towards completing our mission.

Through our words and actions, the officers and staff of the Orange County Correctional Facility define the manner in which we strive to complete our daily mission.  Individual officers complete tasks with due diligence and in such a manner that integrity, honesty, and servant’s attitude motivate behavior.  No matter the situation presented, Orange County Correctional Officers will respond in a professional manner emulating a public servant who is dependable without prejudice.

Many local police officials blame the surge on Prop. 47, saying it makes it difficult to keep drug addicts and other low-level offenders locked up, leaving them on the streets to repeat the same crimes and steal to feed their addictions. Some criminologists say that link is not supported by research and warn that police have a history of attacking legislation they oppose before proper analysis has been conducted.

Kea said the demographic changes in county jails – caused both by the reduction in low-level offenders and the shift in state prisoners to county control – have altered elements of how the jail system operates.

That includes having fewer low-threat inmates to man kitchens and community work crews, allowing the county to shuffle around inmates while fixing up portions of the jails, and cutting back on a program that sentenced some misdemeanor offenders to wear GPS ankle bracelets rather than serve time in jail.

Despite the recent drop in jail population, the Orange County sheriff’s deputies union alleges that county jails were understaffed in January when three inmates escaped from Central Men’s Jail in Santa Ana. The union sued Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and the department in February, saying that staff reductions, unsafe jail conditions and operational missteps allowed the inmates to escape.

Remember, jail is not prison.  Depending on your outlook, being sentenced to jail can actually be a positive experience.  Many former inmates see their time in jail as a “wake up call,” and make positive life changes following their release.  Be strong, focus on getting through this experience, and look forward to the day when this situation is behind you.

Please browse around our site and get an idea of what to expect at Orange County jail.  Though everyone’s experience in jail is different, there is a definite learning curve in going from freedom to incarceration.  We recommend taking in as much knowledge as possible, to help make your transition easier.  Coming in armed with information about the Orange County jail system will put you ahead of the game.

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